Monday, October 14, 2013

Mediak Releases ABC Monsters - Arrows Gone Astray

Increase sales and profits with the latest additions to the line of personalized products from Mediak. The new photo-personalized cartoon adventure with stories, songs and puzzles about letters of the alphabet.

This new product is both fun and educational. It also features the new breakthrough technology that matches the character's skin color to the skin color of the child's face.

In each adventure Alice and her good friends Brian, Cherry Berry and your child's personalized character, must search high and low for one of the missing monsters. Armed with their Magical Dictionary, the three friends follow letter related clues given to them by a host of characters that they meet along the way. But to get a clue, Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry, with the help of your child's character, must solve a puzzle or perform a letter related task that not only teaches children how to spell words, but also shows them the meaning and background of each word.

Along the way Alice and her friends laugh, sing, and clap along as they discover just how much fun letters and words can be, whilst at the same time earning valuable clues that lead Alice and her two friends ever closer to the runaway monster. With your child's image appearing through out the action.

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